Training & Craftsmanship

Inhabitants are taken through acquisition of raw materials that are available on site and carvings of various symbols that are characterized with the African culture. Every piece of our art work has a history stored in it with other equally significant information since time memorial when we were not writing. This valuable information was stored in artefacts that were handed down from grand-parents to children and it holds all important information with regards to African way of life and responsibility towards society.

We train and create job opportunities for all manner of persons in areas of

Bamboo Housing Projects

Bamboo Windows & Doors

Bamboo Floors

Bamboo Ceiling

Bamboo Interior Decoration

Bamboo Kitchen Sets

Bamboo Creative Arts

Bamboo Souvenirs & More


Music and dancing are deeply rooted like the independence building in most African countries. Music in particular is the art of putting together sounds organized in a particular pattern or style that is pleasant to listen. African music, drumming and dancing are for Africans and West African cultural values are protected through music, drumming and dancing. Ghana as a West African country has no exception. In view of this, the Hill Side African Cultural Village portrays array of music, drumming and dancing with professional touches. Music and dance philosophers are also ever ready to put you into the various body movements.


The academy curriculum covers, drumming and dancing, the art of storytelling, art and craft.

We train and create job opportunities for all manner of persons in areas of


Movie Production