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We give hope, economic power and better future to the youth, children, physically challenged, poor, needy and street children across Ghana.
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About Us

Hill Side African Cultural Village was founded in 2008 by a Ghanaian broadcaster Samuel Alabi Tetteh at Saduase, a village in the Greater Accra region of Ghana, West Africa. The aim was to provide, employment, food, accommodation and education to children whose lives had been disrupted by the harsh economic situations in Ghana. All children are born equal but circumstances reduce space of development and violate their human rights.


To give hope, economic power and better future to the youth, children, physically challenged, poor, needy and street children across Ghana.


To entertain and impact knowledge to all manner of persons through African traditional cultural practices.


Value statements guide our work and relationships:

  • We are ethical, honest, transparent, and place high value on integrity.
  • We are accountable to all of our stakeholders in our communication, finances, performance measures, results and strive for effectiveness, sustainability, and efficiency in everything we do. We adhere to recognized international standards.
  • We respect child and human rights and we believe in everyoneu2019s innate and inalienable dignity as human beings regardless of age, gender, race color, ethnicity, religion, class, nationality, national origin, marital status, gender orientation or disability.
  • We create the conditions in our activities and in our organization for personal empowerment, especially of children, youth and the most marginalized.
  • We acknowledge that we cannot solve problems of poverty alone but only through teamwork and mutual partnerships.
  • We strive for continuous learning and improvement. We listen to new ideas and encourage entrepreneurial activities, innovation, creativity and change.

Our Objectives

  • To create job opportunity for the youth.
  • To develop international markets through African traditional cultural goods and services.
  • To teach and showcase to the rest of the world, the rich African culture.
  • To help solve health related problems in Africa.
  • To protect the environment.


Hill Side African Cultural Village has experienced lecturers with international acknowledgement, raging from African painting, art, craft, manufacturing of African musical instruments, drumming, dancing, and singing. High customer care, quick and prompts delivering of goods and services at its best quality. The employees are mostly made up of the students in the cultural village who are dedicated to activities to serve mankind

Children are at the heart of everything we do

Hill Side African Cultural Village is a child and youth cantered community development organization: we work with children, youth and their familiesu2019, communities, international organizations and local governments to bring about positive change. When children and adults work together as part of the change process, it is more likely that programs will be successful and sustainable.

By donating, you will also be supporting your own community and literally saving lives with every pint donated.


We train and create job opportunities for all manner of persons in areas of fibreglass boat building under the auspices of Paseda Agricom Ghana Ltd. In the following categories.

Provide special boats for;

Use as water taxis, carriage of goods

HDPE u2018unsinkable craftu2019 rescue and patrol boats

Setup repair and maintenance centres with a tuition subdivision

Improve landing and docking amenities new systems and buildings

Develop tourism sites

Supply vessels for commercial ferry use to 100 people or a combination of people and cargo

Setup boat buildingu00a0facilities to enable the construction of GRP boats for use as passenger ferries, fishing and other commercial activities with a scheme to create new jobs employing local people

Supply Life Saving Appliances (LSA) and supplementary safety equipment to vessels all to IMO standards.

Paseda Agricom Gh.Ltd. has a design and consultancy sector for boat builders and users who are looking to expand their range of vessels, ensuring they are safe and fit for intended purpose.

We train and support farmers with agricultural seeds, mechanical rental equipments, export of produce.

  • River & inland Fish farming
  • Organic agro based crops

Hill Side African Cultural Village hosts many students from all over the world and even goes to the doorsteps of clients wherever in the world for variety of projects.

Music and dancing are deeply rooted like the independence building in most African countries. Music in particular is the art of putting together sounds organized in a particular pattern or style that is pleasant to listen. African music, drumming and dancing are for Africans and West African cultural values are protected through music, drumming and dancing. Ghana as a West African country has no exception. In view of this, the Hill Side African Cultural Village portrays array of music, drumming and dancing with professional touches. Music and dance philosophers are also ever ready to put you into the various body movements.

The academy curriculum covers, drumming and dancing, the art of storytelling, art and craft.

We train and create job opportunities for all manner of persons in areas of

  • Acting
  • Movie Production

Professionally recorded video and audio nonstop musicals study kits are on sale. Other lessons on craft, manufacturing process, pamphlets on storytelling and celebration of traditional annual festivals of most African communities, the art of acquiring skills to produce useful products from waste materials, all these are documented on C.Du2019s.

Inhabitants are taken through acquisition of raw materials that are available on site and carvings of various symbols that are characterized with the African culture. Every piece of our art work has a history stored in it with other equally significant information since time memorial when we were not writing. This valuable information was stored in artefacts that were handed down from grand-parents to children and it holds all important information with regards to African way of life and responsibility towards society.


We train and create job opportunities for all manner of persons in areas of

  • Bamboo Housing projects,
  • Bamboo windows & doors,
  • Bamboo floors,
  • Bamboo ceiling,
  • Bamboo interior decoration,
  • Bamboo kitchen sets,
  • Bamboo souvenirs and more bamboo creative arts.

We also manufacture many other African products through recycling such as drums, xylophones, carvings, bamboo furniture, flute, bamboo curtains, cutlery set, clock, cups and many other African musical instruments.

In this department, inhabitants are taken through easy to wear tire and dyer materials which matches with beach wear and also footwear or sleepers to go with. These dressings are mostly favoured by our queen and chiefs both in our cultural villages, the outside world of Ghana and Africa. The participants would know the techniques of producing them. The Hill Side African Cultural Village has not worked for long but has increased patronage and has got into the hearts of kids and the youth to compete with. Participants have the ability to train more and our facilities are not enough to equally match the consistent increase number that come and we need to expand more to meet everybodyu2019s expectation. Brethren need not to knock before entering the village but when you enter you are not turned away. That is to say ouru00a0facilities are meant to be shared but we also put in place special facilities that are needed to be pre-planned.

There are available natural touristu2019s attraction centers in Ghana.

We organize local and international tours to raise funds for bamboo houses building to replace the u201cghettosu201d in the Gt. Accra region.

  • Adventurous tourism
  • Film tourism
  • Festivals
  • Marriages and Birth ceremonies & Death rituals.

The Hill Side African Cultural Village is a world class cultured group which performances had glued thousands of audience in their seats while watching and constantly clapping. With charming display, execution of various magnificent pallets of colors, unique dancing design patterns and splendid visual artistically interwoven movements which would change oneu2019s body movement, as full Hill Side African Cultural Village traditional heritage was exposed. The Hill Side African Cultural Village performs at national gatherings, theaters, hotels, beaches, schools, parties, weddings, birthdays, funerals and all other social gatherings which calls for dissemination of information, celebration, education, and entertainment of African culture. Students from all walks of life are trained in various disciplines while enrolled in the academy of Hill Side African Cultural Village., Students are admitted to take the fundamental levels of studies up to the professional stage according to the studentsu2019 schedule .Academic program of Hill Side African Cultural Village are delivered to would-be students including prospectors and students are allowed to perform alongside professional dancers at public centers. Hill Side African Cultural Village honoring certificates are given to deserving students and general certificates are awarded to grandaunts. Students are also allowed to study preparation of simple African dishes which they would select and it serves as motivational drive for them. There is available means of transportation for students wherever they want to visit. There is occasional visitation to tourist attraction centers and students are encouraged to socialize and widen their friendship net work. There are available pamphlets covering the entire fundamental lessons. Audio and video lectures covering fundamental to professional level of studies which are also included as basic handy tool for studies as a basic study kit. The structure of the learning program are professionally designed on pamphlets, video C.Du2019s which are used before, during and after each lesson study. u00a0

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Our Partners

Hill Side African Cultural Village partners with variety of development organizations that work to improve childrenu2019s lives in developing countries .In addition, Hill Side African Cultural Village has formed corporate partnerships through Africa and be young.

Co-operative Community Actionu00a0Ltd

Active in Community & Individual Support

Dagarti Arts and Danceu00a0

International music lectures and manufacturing of African musical instruments.

Media Partners

Jupiter Media Production