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Our Story

All children are born equal but circumstances reduce space of development and violate their human rights. The Hills Village tries to bridge the gab between the most advantaged and the worse disadvantaged among kids and the youth in the Greater Accra region. Empowering the parents, school drop out with trade to begin with.” Give us this day our daily bread”. The youth around these villages migrate often to the city centers in search of non-existing jobs and these presents a very good fertile grounds for breeding more other complicated social vices since it takes them only 25 to 30 minutes drive to the capital city, Accra. In a way to curb these and many more social evils from occurrence and to make life more meaningful to these venerable children and the youth ,Samuel Alabi Tetteh conceived the idea of a personal relationship between a child and a sponsor-a model that puts the child at the centre, and today remains the core of what we do. The idea that problems faced by many children can be reflected in the story of one child’s life helps people to see the human face of poverty and, more importantly see how they can help. Since that time, our approach to humanitarian assistance has evolved from creation of employment activities, child development programs and emergency assistance that helps children, and their families in Ghana.

For sometime now Hills Village has been working with children, families and communities and has established long-standing reputation of being a highly ethical, effective, efficient and committed child development organization.

Broad Capabilities

Life span of the projects from concept to completion and beyond, offering maintenance contracts to ensure sustainability after project has been executed completely and the warranty period has expired. These capabilities and differentiating services provide clients with value for money, defined deliverables and seamless execution of the project. Hill Side African Cultural Village is therefore initiated with the aim that it would draw attention to the ideas and reasons behind the group, as vehicle to remove barriers between socially marginalized groups and the general population

Our Approach

Children are at the heart of everything we do. Hills Village is a child and youth centered community development organization: we work with children, youth and their families’, communities, international organizations and local governments to bring about positive change. When children and adults work together as part of the change process, it is more likely that programs will be successful and sustainable.


Samuel Alabi Tetteh

Hill Side African Cultural Village was founded in 2008 by Ghanaian broadcaster Samuel Alabi Tetteh at Saduase, a village in the Greater Accra region of Ghana, West Africa. The aim was to provide, employment, food, accommodation and education to children whose lives had been disrupted by the harsh economic situations in Ghana.


Project management is the most critical element of any private or public sector undertaking. The ability to execute a contract to meet the schedule on time, while successfully handling unexpected situations, can only be accomplished through a dedicated and experienced project management team and sound field resources. Hill Side African Cultural Village’s staff provides experience, dependability and proven performance. Outsourcing and procurement bring in broad expertise, combined with Hill Side African Cultural Village global sourcing and procurement skills, offers clients the widest possible choice of products and services, ensuring a final package that meets all budgetary and performance requirements. Performances are held at almost everywhere in the world when negotiations are completed, after well explained details governing the whole project.


Every project begins with a feasibility study and needs analysis; Hill Side African Cultural Village involvement starts right there. From the ground up, the Hills Village team would accurately define the scope of the project, develop budgets, technical and commercial proposals and advice or assist with project financing. Hills Village technical expertise is particularly important during design and engineering of a contract. With the collective knowledge and experience of Hills Village and other key players, projects can be designed, engineered and specified to the down smallest details, from work place performances, and facility layouts to musical instrumentation from information management systems to creativity and ideas sharing with flexibility systems. Field, home or office project managers will plan and manage logistics, resource mobilization, materials receipt, whether on commissioning of a project, acceptance protocol or complete documentation- all of which ensures quality and reliability. Once all the equipments are installed, Hill Side African Cultural Village ensures long-term sustainability by providing clients with asset management tools, product training, a comprehensive warranty and preventive maintenance package, coordinated through Hills Village worldwide services facilities.

Listening to what children have to say about their rights, needs and concerns is key to this approach. We encourage and help children to take an active roll in finding solutions to their problems and realizing their full potential.

Focused at the level of the child, our work is based broadly around 5 key areas


Children’s survival and healthy development is a core part of our work-from supporting immunization programs to training community volunteers on strategies to combat malaria, diarrhea and malnutrition.


Children and the youth need to live in safe and healthy environments. Our work includes improving housing, safe drinking water supply and waste disposal.


Basic learning and life skills are vital for children and adults to contribute to the development of their communities. Our work includes supporting local schools to improve coverage and quality of basic education, from building and equipping classrooms to developing innovative curricula and training teachers.

Building relationship

Understanding and unity among people of different cultures and countries will help us move towards a better world for children and the youth. Our work is to organize two way communications between sponsors and sponsored children. Buying from the Hill Side African Cultural Village will go a long way in preparing a child for the future.


Higher income for families leads to increased economic and social benefits for Children and the youth. Our strategies help parents with poverty-breaking credit and small business programs. Improving children’s welfare by increasing family income and food security. The stark reality is that the women do not have collateral security. We know, however, that helping women to generate an income is as important for their children as it is for the women themselves. With greater family incomes, the children also benefit as they are more likely to have regular nutritious meals and attend school.

Hill Side African Cultural Village is linked to the United Nations Convention on Rights of the child, which spells out the human rights of all children, including the right to: